Latest Video Apps On Smartphones

In the present scenario, we have seen a plethora of Video Apps that have crossed our radar. We have seen apps like Flipboard or Kindle Video which has taken the market by storm and the rest of the apps have their own fan following. The most interesting thing about Video Apps is that they are taking over the traditional modes of entertainment and are fast replacing them. One just cannot resist the charm of Video Apps and that is why, the success of Video Apps is such a big deal in today’s world. Whether you want to watch your favorite movies or your favorite shows, one can do it with a click of a button. You no more need to get out of the house and log on to your computer to watch the movie.

It’s unbelievable but these days there is Video Apps for mobile phones which allows one to watch the video directly from the handset itself. This means that one does not have to wait in queue at the video theatre to catch a flick, rather one can simply sit in the comfort of your house and get the latest flick on your mobile phone. This makes entertainment so much easier. These apps also offer extra features, aside from the standard movie watching feature, like recording movies on the fly, streaming live content and so on.

Some of the latest in the market would be Hulu Plus Video, Shomi Video, Flip video, Vado video, Shashlik and others. All these services are available on Android platform and are free of cost. With the help of these services you can watch videos online on the go. You can even switch between video streams according to your mood and the place you are at.

If we talk about Video Apps for Smart Phones then there are several choices to choose from, depending upon the user’s need and requirements. For example, if one wants to watch a quick video for his daily morning dose, there are apps that allow one to download videos from different websites to his phone. There are many sites offering free videos for the users. Apart from this, there are also paid sites where one can get the latest video clips for his Smart Phone. The list is endless.

For the people who love to spend their free time chatting, there are instant messaging apps that provide easy access to the chats. This makes it a very convenient gadget for the user as he doesn’t have to look out for any remote access tool or use the keyboard to type a message. He just needs to launch the messaging app, type a simple message and send it. He can chat anytime, anywhere, using the built in camera feature of the phone.

In this world where everyone is busy with their lives, it becomes difficult to find time to spare for things like surfing the net or checking our emails. It has become inevitable to take some time out of our busy schedules just to surf the net, or reply to an email. So, with the advent of so many useful and exciting apps on the smart phones, the life of a smartphone freak has become so much easier.

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